Top 10 Reasons Why Your RTO Needs Circulate LMS

By Circulus EducationPosted 3 years ago
July 20, 2017

Your office is filled with paper, some of it organised and some of it – not so much. Your trainers have scribbled yet another ad-hoc note to your QA department about a change in a student’s personal information. An audit is coming up and you know that means that once again, your team will be in on the weekend, preparing frantically. To make matters worse, your average processing time from a trainer deeming a student competent to getting that result into VETtrak is sitting around 3-4 weeks.

Does this sound familiar?

How many times have you thought to yourself “there must be an easier way!”?

It’s an ongoing challenge that most Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and other VET organisations face. So much focus of our business is devoted to compliance tasks, and yet it is still such a labour-heavy, time-consuming process that is riddled with human errors and data duplication. Not only do you have to worry about ASQA, you now have the added stress of VTG compliance. Oh the stress! You seem to need a small village to look after the compliance of an RTO nowadays.

RTOs already carry a lot of risk – we can no longer hide our head in the sand and hope that everything will turn out alright.

It’s time to look for a smarter solution.
It’s time to look for a smarter solution.

Here are some of the top reasons why an LMS with a workflow component such as Circulate might be the answer you are looking for:


1.  Save time wasted in non-value-adding tasks

Circulate allows you to effortlessly pull data from data management systems without even leaving the platform. No more repetitive and often error-prone data entry, no more additional labour and administration work.

Now you can focus on what truly matters: building your business and focusing on the students. Leave it to the system to take care of the bulk of your administration tasks (and it does that with a much higher accuracy, too).


2. Enable you to get rid of, or reduce paper

Haven’t you spent enough time worrying about getting signatures from students and trainers, especially if they are remote? Even when you have them, it’s ridiculous how easy attendance sheets and assignments can vanish when you need them the most. Comes audit time, and if you don’t have the evidence, you are practically throwing money away.

Circulate allows you to take electronic attendance which can open units in your Student Management System. Units are only closed when all the assessment have been completed and student declarations signed. Lessons can be delivered online, and the system will record how long the student took for that particular lesson, activity etc. Great for evidence of participation. This means a significant saving in paper, time, and operational cost that is typically squandered. Additionally, you can easily search and find the relevant information in time for audits, for as many years as you have on file.


3. Reduce the risks of overlooking tasks

Coordinating tasks between departments or multiple staff in an RTO can be an ordeal in and of itself. Circulate issues instant notifications to the right person at the right time, and gives them access to specific information that is relevant to their tasks.

Students, especially those learning remotely or part-time, also receive notifications and reminders to keep them on track. Oh, and did we mention that you can access the LMS anywhere, anytime, from any device? It’s the simplest way for you and your team members to stay on top of your heavy workload and never miss a deadline.


4. Reduce the risks of human errors and data conflicts

RTOs often cope with compliance requirements and increasing student numbers by simply adding more staff to take care of data entry and processing work. This exposes you to additional risks of duplication (or worse, conflicts) in data, and human errors. Why not leave these tasks to the system and eliminate possible slippage?


5. Streamline the process for the training department

Circulate is a powerful all-in-one piece of software that combines a virtual learning environment and an automated workflow system.

What makes Circulate unique compared to other solutions in the market is how it focuses on the process, not on the data. Getting data has never been the problem; the problem is to get it to the right person on time. Because Circulate is built from the ground up specifically for the Australian VET sector, it takes into account a student’s lifecycle and how RTOs operate.


6. Gives real-time, real data for easy reporting

When one person in your team does something in the Circulate system, this information is logged immediately. Furthermore, items are time and date stamped for easy record keeping and fact checking. Unlike the traditional paper-based system, no one can edit, add, or remove something on record without a trace.

Now with Circulate, you no longer have to miss out on a funding round or fail an audit just because of a lack of adequate reporting functions or a silly error. You can generate your own customised reports and export them for further analysis.


7. More control over your teaching and administrative work

A common misconception about online education (whether it is a fully online or a blended course) leaves students to their own devices and makes RTOs lose some of their control especially when it comes to things such as VTG funding. The truth, however, is that a system like Circulate actually puts you in the driver seat. Now you can be sure that the process / learning plan you put in place will be followed to a T.

With Circulate, now you can access all student information, assign trainers, allocate students, course materials, track student course progression, and more – all in one place. Everything is logged, time-stamped, and stored for access when you need it. It has never been easier to manage work!


8. Quick and easy to use

Designed by world-class experts in user experience (many of whom are Microsoft or Amazon alumni), the Circulate system works intuitively, allowing anyone in your organisation to be able to use it within minutes. If you can use email, you can use Circulate.

In addition to being easy to use, Circulate is also quick to set up and customise, and we provide unmatched support throughout the entire process. Change can be a scary thing; that’s why our team of dedicated, exceptional education specialists are here to help you every step of the way.


9. Easy online access from anywhere

The Circulate infrastructure utilises a web-based responsive design, ensuring that you can easily access all the information you ever need on any device (Android, iOS,..), from anywhere, at anytime. Managing your workflow on the go is now completely possible!

This also provides RTOs the ability to quickly scale and reach a much wider audience, at a fraction of the typical set-up costs. Now more students can access your courses, no matter where they are in the world.


10. Unmatched level of support

Circulate is developed by Circulus Education, with our trademark promise of an unrivalled level of support (which comes in the form of hands-on consultation, customisation, system maintenance, training and induction, troubleshooting, and more) throughout the entire journey. We work closely with you to ensure the software matches your specific needs and that your team has the necessary knowledge.


Final Thoughts

Circulate is a smart, all-in-one, cloud-powered software that is designed by Australian industry experts to help Australian RTOs elevate their teaching and move towards a paperless future. It significantly reduces organisations’ expenditure and human errors, making it easier than ever for VET providers to stay compliant and efficient.

Not only does Circulate pay for itself within the first few months, the system will also make audit time a whole lot easier!

To arrange for a demonstration of CirculateRTO or more information on our software please contact us on 1300 735 002 or emailus at


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